Surrondings - Winery Farmhouse Le Torri

The winery “Le Torri” is the perfect place for those who want to spend their holiday in touch with a fascinating nature, art and history, enjoy active life on the farm and taste high-quality oil and wines. 

Our estate is located in the heart of Tuscany, in open countryside, 2 Km from Marcialla, 5 km from Barberino Val d’Elsa, 4 km from Val di Pesa a Tavarnelle , towns offering all major services and well connected to the most important cities of the region. Staying here or taking a small trip will enable you to relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape with its breathtaking scenery; medieval villages, rolling hills, woodlands and vineyards. 
You can easily reach very important cities such as SienaFlorenceSan Gimignano and Certaldo.






One of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany and Italy, rich of artistic and architectural treasures. 


The cultural and historical impact of Florence is overwhelming.

San Gimignano

You can clearly notice its towers from our farmhouse. It has been named after Saint Gimignano, who saved it from several attacks.


Medieval village, rich of cultural and artistic events, among them the most famous is Mercantia, important international festival for street theatre.

La Via Francigena

The Via Francigena is one of the Medieval routes followed by those who, coming from England or France (hence the name Francigena), intended to reach Italy and Rome.

San Donato

Very important place that linked Via Francigena to Florence.

Badia a Passignano

In Passignano once with its old abbey and a little hamlet, it was an important settlement.


Tavarnelle is of ancient origin but the current town is quite modern in appearance.


It’s a quaint hamlet, of very ancient origin and of great charm. Interesting the Church of Saint Stephen Linari.  


Along the road leading to Certaldo is the little village of PETROGNANO, situated on the spot where the ancient city of Semifonte, razed to the ground in 1202, had stood.


Tignano, an XI-century village that has recently been restored. It’s perhaps the most beautiful example of walled center of the Val d’Elsa.

Barberino Val d'Elsa

The territory of Barberino, along the borderline between the Chianti and Val d’Elsa zones, is one of the most important examples of typical landscape of Tuscany: it is dotted with little medieval villages, ancient parish churches and romantic castles. 


Lucardoa very old structure of which only the entrance gate remains; the towers are no longer distinguishable. Very interesting the Church of San Lazzaro a Lucardo.


Its position on a hill between Val d’ Elsa and Val di Pesa allows us to admire a beautiful panoramic view. Don’t miss the piazza, with its unusual pentagonal shape, the Church of Santa Maria and the village’s stone palazzos.